The VR project  Pando Endo  was converted into a four screen video installation at Festival International de la Imagen in Manizales in Colombia, May, 2018. I was invited by Hyphen-hub, an art, technology and performance organization located in NYC, to exhibit my work and give a talk together with curator Barbara London.  The four screens in the installation each show a unique video recording of a virtual camera examining the digitally simulated plant, with audio from each of the four monitors mixing in the exhibition space to create a single immersive environment, but without a VR headset.   Besides exhibiting this unique installation version of  Pando Endo , I was invited to discuss with curator Barbara London changes to video installations in an age of computer games, VR, AR and other real-time spatial computation technologies, which allow for new ways of connecting human bodies with virtual and physical spaces.  Links:
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